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Crystals for Energy Blockages and Chakra Work...

 Energy crystals/stones are available based on your personal needs.  You will be contacted by Reikillumination for a brief discussion to better understand  your situation and we will then  "program/charge" your specific crystal/stone with  Vibrational Reiki Energy & Unconditional Love and each crystal will also be Initiated with the Reiki Master Symbol.  Call or e-mail us to inquire.  Each energy charge and initiated stone ranges in cost from $5 to $15  for more common smaller stones.

Some of the Popular Stones...

  • Agate, Amethyst "all-purpose stone" - resonates with Crown Chakra and third eye,  
  • Aventurine "heart related ailments, increases confidence & self-esteem, love, friendships, relationships"  Green Aventurie is considered the "Luck Stone", 
  • Carnelian "motivation & energy booster" Sacral Chakra, 
  • Citrine "abudance & prosperity - Solar Plexus Chakra 
  • Tigers Eye, (part of the Quartz family) combined with Citrine, it is a powerful healing grid and increases motivation.  "Good Luck, Intuition & Protectiopn".  Keep with you during an interview to stand out.  Helps release feelings of fear & anxiety.  Solar Plexus or Root/Base Chakras.
  • Jasper - There are several different colours.  Choose the one that corresponds with the Chakra you are working on.  EG: Yellow for solar plexus, red for root/base, green for the heart Chakra...  Grounds energies, protection, stress, cleanses and aligns the Chakras and Aura.
  • Quartz (Clear Quartz "master-healer" - Higher Chakras, Pink Quartz "soothing & calming"), 
  • Selenite, (part of the Gypsum Crystal family).  It is used to cleanse other crystals as well as to "charge" or "program" them.  The Selenite Wand used in Reiki clears the negative energies & tension from Crown downward along the spine.  Aligns the Chakras & clears energy blockages.  A very powerful crystal and ideal for connecting with your Spirit Guides and guardian Angels.  Connects both with the 3rd Eye and the crown Chakras.
  • Tourmaline (Black) - Aura protection & Grounding, creates shield against harmful electro magnectic fields are several different types.  

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